How to hide dock icon?


I’d like to run my application on OSX without dock icon.
So, I invoke statically Process::setDockIconVisible(false) in the initialise method of the application.

But, a dock icon appears anyway…
Did I miss something ?

Not sure what to say - I use that methods and it works for me…

Maybe I misuse it.

I intend to build a GUI app without dock icon.
That is, the same effect that you get by setting the LSUIElement to 1 in the Info.plist but without letting any user a chance to unset this parm.

Reading the Apple doc, I found that the value NSApplicationActivationPolicyProhibited that’s passed to [NSApp setActivationPolicy] when setting setDockIconVisible to false is intended to be applied to background applications. In my case, it seems that I should rather use the NSApplicationActivationPolicyAccessory value.

Is this assumption correct ?

I tried NSApplicationActivationPolicyAccessory but it doesn’t work either (on 10.6.8).

It was only introduced in 10.7.

Nevertheless, the Apple’s doc tells me that this behaviour should be available from the 10.6.
(see setActivationPolicy at

Thank you anyway.