Apple AU plugins MacOS (Waveform) -> iOS (Tracktion Engine)

Apologies that this is likely to be a very naive question, but please bear in mind that I am new to all things Apple… I’m developing an iOS app using Tracktion Engine and have got a rudimentary version working that plays back edits created using Waveform on a Mac. I am able to use the inbuilt plugins (e.g. 4Osc) and that works great - honestly, I’ve been really impressed by both Waveform and Tracktion Engine so far… Anyway, I’d like to extend the range of effects that I can use without having to worry about 3rd party plugins at this stage. I notice that there are a lot of Apple AU plugins available on the Mac (e.g. AUDelay, AUDistortion etc.) that look very similar to those on the iPhone (e.g. AUDelay, AUDistortion etc.). Are these actually the same and, if so, will an edit created in Waveform on a Mac using one of these play correctly in Tracktion Engine in iOS? My first naive effort at this has failed, so I’m wondering if I (a) need to change the xml edit file in some way (e.g. altering the filename) and/or (b) scan for available plugins in my app before initiating playback. But before I delve deeper into that, I just wanted to know whether, in principle, an edit created using AUDelay (and the rest) in Waveform on a Mac would/could play correctly using AUDelay (and the rest) in Tracktion Engine in iOS. Are these both the same type of plugin (e.g. Auv3)? Will the information in the edit file (e.g. the state in the value tree) translate appropriately from MacOS to iOS? Any other pitfalls I should be aware of?

Sorry, I missed this when it was first posted. Honestly I have no idea. ExternalPlugin does have some fallback checks but whether that’s good enough to find the plugins on iOS I don’t know.