Apple Silicon compilation error


We are trying to compile our code on the new Mac Mini Silicon and have the following error :
Aligned deallocation function of type ‘void (void *, std::align_val_t) noexcept’ is only available on macOS 10.14 or newer

We don’t have any issue on an older Mac Mini. Our code uses 10.11 or superior in the projucer.

When we bump the version to 10.14, it works, but we don’t understand why we have the error now, because we didn’t have it before.

Did anybody experience something similar and have a fix?


On Silicon I have SDK Version on Default and Deplyment Target to 10.8
Everything builds as expected, using JUCE develop tip

We have the error when we inherit from Timer or ASyncUpdater

Try adding the compiler flag -fno-aligned-allocation

Fantastic, it worked ! Thank you very much !