Application docking



I have a set of applications and I would like to stack them in a virtual rack. I’m thinking about using a “root” application implementing an InterProcessConnectionServer allowing each other application to request their position on the screen or the be notified if they have to move… but I want to be sure that no other solution already exists before going that way :?:


Interesting idea! I don’t know of anything like that already exists.


Well, it has been written in a very short time, so do not be too critical :wink: It is just doing what I needed to pack multiple test applications, no more. So feel free to enhance it if you want!

The idea is: a “rack” application is started first, then a set of “slice” applications can be launched, they are automatically stacked below the “rack”. You can move the whole stack by moving the rack or the slices.

I’ll make some changes later, such as rebuilding the stack when a slice is closed, or ensuring that the whole stack goes in top of windows when one of its member got focus…

So take it “as is”, as a starting code for something more sophisticated :slight_smile: