Application scaling on hi-res monitor (Windows)

I have a standalone application which hosts VSTGUI4 plugins. Because, as i am aware, VSTGUI4 plugins can not be scaled, i want to prevent my application to automatically scale itself when displayed on hi-res monitor. Attaching two screenshots - the first one is proper, displayed with scaling 100% and 2nd is wrong, using scaling > 100% (everything has been scaled automatically, except hosted VSTGUI plugin).

I’ve also built application with JUCE_DISABLE_WIN32_DPI_AWARENESS flag enabled, but things are the same.

I am not really comfortable with this scaling stuff, yet, so can you help me …how can i prevent scaling of my application, i guess i am doing something wrong in my app? I can tell i am not scaling anything in my code.

JUCE 4.3.1

Thank you!!!

You shouldn’t need to deal with Windows scaling directly if you’re using the JUCE hosting classes, but the Windows DPI scaling code has been completely rewritten since JUCE 4.3.1 so it’s going to be hard to track down where the issue is.

Do you think this automatic resizing comes from JUCE code? Because, for a start, i would like to disable any automatic resizing in my program, regardless of scaling settings in Windows.

I don’t have access to hi-res monitor at the moment, so i am strictly speculating why this is happening … screenshots came from app beta tester.