Possible to use Windows auto-scale for high DPI?


I have a surface tablet with high dpi. However, it seems that some plugins I use (NI ones) are NOT high-dpi aware. For instance, the NI massive VST is tiny and nearly impossible to use.

I’ve read this thread : VST hosting windows way small on Windows highes screens

If I understand correctly, if the app is NOT high-dpi aware, then Windows will take care of scaling it automatically.

Is is somehow possible to configure Juce so that the app is seen as non high-DPI aware, so that all my VST plugin windows are scaled accordingly ?

I have tried to override float getDesktopScaleFactor to return 2.0 in the sample host plugin window class but it does not help.

Any advice to work around this issue until proper high-dpi aware plugins ?

Thank you very much.

Benjamin Golinvaux


I’ll give it a try tonight.

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I works! :slight_smile:

Goodbye sharpness, hello readability… And, contrary to what I thought previously, everything (fonts,…) is still scaled correctly. It seems there are multiple layers of dpi-awareness in Juce

imho this means you tell windows, your app is not dpi-aware, so windows will upsample your low resolution GUI to high dpi

Yes that is true. But I think if you use DirectWrite the text will still render with a higher resolution. We are working on adding support for scaling to plug-ins on Windows.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I have tried to compare (at the pixel level) the font rendering with, and without, JUCE_USE_DIRECTWRITE=1, and I don’t see any difference (neither do I see a sensible CPU usage difference when rendering lots of text). For the record, I am using Windows 10 64-bit.

Anyway, the rendering is indeed slightly blurry, but only slightly so and perfectly usable. Furthermore, it is a temporary workaround until plugin scaling works, so I can really live with that for a while (my app is still far from release time :S )

Thanks for your help!