VST3 Text Scalefactor 200% no dpi aware

today I tested my plugin on windows with a text scalefactor of 200% at 4k resolution. The plugin window has no dpi aware. it is only half the size as it should be. To make a double-check, i created a fresh vst3-plugin. The freshly created plugin is aware of the dpi has the right proprotions. JUCE-Version in both plugins is 5.4.7.

Does anyone know this problem and knows how I can fix it? Is there a switch I accidentally flipped?

Best regards

You should probably check in Juce 6, changes were made to address scaling in Windows. Any changes/fixes will be landing there from now on.

I just tried Juce 6 in the last hour. Unfortunately it shows the same behaviour. There must be something different in the project setup. But I have no clou what that can be. I compared both app.configs. Nothing was noticeable there.

It would be helpful to know what hosts you have experienced this in.

I just checked Juce Plugin-Host and it works as it should be. So, I have the problem with Ableton Live and Max 8.

I could fix the problem in the meantime.
Coincidentally I had my own method “setScaleFactor” in the ProcessorEditor without knowing that the base class also provides it. To make things even more “funny”, it had the same signature as the base class :smiley: