Artifacts in drop shadows

Artifacts in drop shadows - as seen with JuceDemo on Win 8 (built on this weekend's tip). Alert box has just been dragged over another white window to make things a bit easier to see.


PS - file upload to the forum seems to be broken

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Couldn't see that myself, but try it again now - I've tweaked the shadow rendering code to use floating point, as it might have been incorrectly snapping the gradients to integer positions.

Thanks, much better. However depending on the window position I still get vertical lines in the bottom corner sections (drawn at lines 150 & 151).

If you're running Windows with a scaling factor applied, then the windows themselves could be getting overlapped if the rounding-to-integer of their positions is unlucky.. Not sure what I could do about that TBH, it's not possible for the windows to have sub-pixel bounds.

Yeah I’m running at a scaling of 180% - so that makes sense. Your other corrections improve it heaps anyway so I’m happy.

Yeah, it's better at 150% and perfect at 100% scaling.