ASIO > doesn't want to select device

Hello all,

I’m using the AudioDeviceSelectorComponent to show audio settings:

        // ....
        AudioDeviceSelectorComponent audioDevSelector(*m_AudioDeviceManager, 1, 4, 0, 0, false, false, false, false);
        audioDevSelector.setSize(500, 450);
        DialogWindow::showModalDialog ("Audio Settings", &audioDevSelector, this, Colours::lightgrey, true, false, false);
        // ....

This works fine and shows WME/DirectSound devices just fine and I can select them, and use them.

With ASIO, it doesn’t work…
[] when I select ASIO, I see my device ( “M-Audio Profire ASIO” ) but I can’t select the device in the dropdown. It doesn’t let me select it.[/]
[] maybe an additional hint: while going from Directsound (or from anywhere) to ASIO n the “audio device type” combobox, I get an audioDeviceAboutToStart call and if I -in that call- do device->getCurrentBufferSizeSamples I get a negative number.[/][/list]

  • Bram

And does your device work in the juce demo?

Hey Jules, I just found it…

I was initializing the as SoundDeviceManager::initialise(1, 0, 0, true);
Aparently you aren’t allowed to construct ASIO devices with a “minimum” of 0 output channels.
The docs state “numOutputChannelsNeeded: a minimum number of output channels to open” so I thought 0 would be acceptable.

  • Bram

My code doesn’t contain any rules about that kind of thing - it’s up to a device whether or not it chooses not to accept the options you give it. Surprising that it would fail in that way though.