Assertion failure in AU_Wrapper

Hi guys,

I have some sliders set to different ranges (i.e: 20..20000), but when I add the parameter to the PluginProcessor and I set a default value greater than 1.0f the plugin crashes with an assertion failure on juce_AU_Wrapper, on outParameterInfo.

Nothing trivial on the parameter declaration.. the usual addParameter args. Example:

 addParameter (cutoff = new FloatParameter (1000.0f, "Cutoff"));

Anybody experiencing the same issue?

Well, yes, the valid range of an AudioProcessorParameter's value is between 0.0f and 1.0f. Your getValue() and getDefaultValue() methods must always return numbers within that range.

Thank you, Timur. I see that the parameter given by a Slider, for example, with a range defined by setRange is automatically converted to 0-1 while passing it to the AudioProcessorParameter. I was expecting it to work both ways. In this case, which is the best way to send a value back to the Slider?