Attaching DAW for debugging in vscode

Hi there,

I am thinking of changing to vscode for developing, but I am facing the following issue: I don’t manage to attach a DAW for debugging the VST3 versions.
I use cmake for building and the debugging works fine with the standalone version. I would really appreciate any help for setting this up :slight_smile:


I found a way to get the debugging with a host DAW running thanks to the following post:

Then I just replaced this line:

"program": "${command:cmake.launchTargetPath}",


"program": "/Applications/Ableton Live 10",

for debugging with Ableton on MacOS for example.

Still I am wondering if I really need to write a new launch.json file, when I start a new project or if there is a more elegant possibility?

I might be wrong, but I think that is the point of ${command:cmake.launchTargetPath} you can then set the target in VSCode.

Thanks for the hint! This works for the standalone. For debugging VST with a DAW I needed to specify the host program for the plugins as I mentioned above. But yes it looks like this is as much automated target debugging generation as we can get with Cmake and vscod(ium).

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