AU channels conf. problem

Hi to all,
I’m porting my VST convolver in AU without so many problem using great JUCE APF.

But I’ve noticed what I think we can call a small bug.

I’m not able to change the number of inputs/outputs.
Only stereo mode works.

Using an arbitrary number of inputs and outputs doesn’t work

Is there a bug in this function or it is my specific bug?

    UInt32 SupportedNumChannels (const AUChannelInfo** outInfo)
        if (juceFilter == 0)
            return 0;

        if (outInfo != 0)
            static AUChannelInfo info;
            info.inChannels = juceFilter->getFilterInfo().numInputChannels;
            info.outChannels = juceFilter->getFilterInfo().numOutputChannels;

            *outInfo = &info;

        return 1;

It looks pretty straightforward to me… Maybe it’s the host that doesn’t support other numbers of channels?

I don’t think so, Bidule supports multichannel plug-ins.

Apple Examples Plug-ins runs as multichannel and Bidule shows you the right channel configuration.

I’ll try to find the problem, maybe in the JuceAU wrapper code.