AU fails logic AU validation test, but VST works fine

My plugin builds sucessfully and when the VST is loaded in reaper it works fine. However the AU fails the AU Validation Test.

Is the error I get. I’m not very confident with debugging (or coding to be honest) but I had a look at the audioSampleBuffer.h file and the part that fails is this

Type* getWritePointer (int channelNumber) noexcept
            jassert (isPositiveAndBelow (channelNumber, numChannels));
            isClear = false;
            return channels[channelNumber];

Could anyone help me out with this or point me in the right direction for how to try and fix this? Sorry if it’s somewhat vague.

Just run auval in your debugger, so when it hits the assertion, you can debug it and see what’s happening.

Running auval in Xcode is a bit more complicated than expected.

I couldn’t make it work with auval, I had to use auvaltool.

Copy /usr/bin/auvaltool to /Applications/auvaltool_copy - this means you can select this exe in Xcode’s user interface.

Run auval -a from the command line to find all the AUs. Find yours in the list (eg aufx Mwdd Manu - yourcompany: PluginName)

Set up your Xcode debugging scheme, set executable to /Applications/auvaltool_copy, set arguments to -v aufx Mwdd Manu and you’re good to go.

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From the auval output, it sounds like you are expecting a stereo signal in your rendering code, and haven’t considered that it could also be just a single mono channel.