AU instrument/synth compiling error

I didn't have problems with my tests compiling AU effects but today I wanted to try building an instrument/synth.

I made a new project with introjucer and checked Is a Synth and Plugin wants midi input. I compiled it with XCode 5.0.1 (and latest Juce) and got this error:

/JuceLibraryCode/modules/juce_audio_plugin_client/AU/ Only virtual member functions can be marked 'override'

I read the sticky but I can't "patch" anything as I don't have in AUBase.h line 698:
anything like that:

virtual OSStatus MIDIEvent( UInt32 inStatus,
UInt32 inData1,
UInt32 inData2,
UInt32 inOffsetSampleFrame) { return kAudio_UnimplementedError; }

Instead I have this:

virtual UInt32                GetAudioChannelLayout(    AudioUnitScope                scope,

                                                        AudioUnitElement             element,

                                                        AudioChannelLayout *        outLayoutPtr,

                                                        Boolean &                    outWritable);

and in AUCarbonViewBase.cpp line 257 I have:

//HISize windowSize = {    float(windowBounds.right - windowBounds.left),

//                        float(windowBounds.bottom - };

What should I do?

Thanks for the reply Jules but as I said I read the sticky but I don't understand how to patch the files. In AUBase.h I don't have those lines and in  AUCarbonViewBase.cpp I have something already commented.

I managed to find where to put this: result = This->AUMIDIBase::MIDIEvent(inStatus, inData1, inData2, inOffsetSampleFrame);

but I got the same error. line 758:
UInt32 numSamples) override

Only virtual member functions can be marked 'override'.,

I'll try to reinstall the AU sdk but I can't understand why it worked fine for effects and now not.

Ok I redownloaded CoreAudio and followed the sticky instructions:

patching AUBase.h and AUCarbonViewBase.cpp (lines where a few lines below)

Now if I compile I get the No member named ‘MIDIEvent’ in ‘AUBase’ error as in the sticky thread.
I changed the line in AUPluginDispatch.cpp to

result = This->AUMIDIBase::MIDIEvent(inStatus, inData1, inData2, inOffsetSampleFrame);

as explained in the sticky but now I got a new error:

/AUPlugInDispatch.cpp:446:12: Use of undeclared identifier 'This'

I'm lost...I can't belive is that hard making something "official" working.

I tried everything but I couldn't make it work.

I followed an old thread from the sticky and tried to patch the last version from here

It worked, both AU effects and instruments. Still is really strange that I couldn't make the "official" release working. 

My apologies on behalf of Apple's piss-poor support for their own plugin format!

If I could, I'd include fixed versions of these files in the juce codebase to avoid all this nonsense, but that'd be breaking their copyright terms.

Sorry to bother again but it actually didn't work. I can compile without errors and Effects work great but when I tried the Juce Plugin Demo it didn't play any note (while Keyboard is working and the transport status as well). The VST version is working fine so I guess is still something related to Core Audio.

Please, can someone write a step by step guide for noobs like me? 

Apple changes their development tools in a pretty rapid cycle. I usually have to change something in my codebase each time a new version of Xcode comes out. I'm sorry i can't really help you, but if i were you i would simply try it with an older version of Xcode and the SDK.

Thanks for the reply. I'll try to play with older versions and see if I can find one working. It's really frustrating.

We should have a sticky with more detailed informations about this issue. Even something with "use this version of Xcode and this version of the SDK, apply these fixes, done".