AU Plugin state problems with Ableton Live 8.4.1

Hi all,


I've created a simple three parameter plugin building on XCode 5. It builds, runs, and can be opened in Ableton Live. 


Two things aren't happening. When I close the plugin editor and open it again, my controls are back at their original default values. I'm overriding getCurrentProgramStateInformation and setCurrentProgramStateInformation. My program count is set to return 1. 


I have a break point in both those set and get program states, in which I call setStateInfromation() and getStateInformation(). When I first create the plugin, getStateInformation is called, but I never see setStateInformation called. 


So that's one thing. The other is that the built in editor in Ableton doesn't respond to changes in my editor, and my editor doesn't respond to changes in the built in editor. I tried an Apple AU plugin, and it was able to remember its state and communicate with the built in editor so when I moved a slider, Albeton's little circle control would move.


Does anyone have any experience with AU and Ableton and getting this thing to remember state and communicate with your custom editor?




Interesting update to this. I built the demo plugin, and that behaves correctly, but I still never see setStateinformation getting called. The main differences I see is that the knob values go from 0 to 1.0, while mine have different ranges. It returns 0 for the number of programs. That's all that jumps out at me right away. 

setParameterNotifyingHost !!! I used the IntroJucer to build the plugin and I don't think it told me to use setParameterNotifyingHost. Now I just need to scale my parameters to be between 0 and 1.0, and it should be happy. 

This might be tricky now. I had some step rotary knobs that only had 5 positions, and I was setting the range on the slider to get those values. Ableton doesn't seem to like that very much.