AU plugs "bypassed" in Studio One 2

AU version of Juce Demo Plugin load in Studio One 2.6.3 (64 bit) but makes no sound. I get the same with my plugins, they don't process audio.

Is there a solution ?

At least, can I prevent Studio One from using the AU version ? The VST and VST3 work correctly.


When you say they don't "process" audio, do their processBlock methods get called at all? If so, do they just have the wrong number of output channels or something?

processBlock isn't called.

My plugins have the same configuration as Juce Demo Plugin: {1, 1}, {2, 2}


I've just encountered the same problem. It seems that the appropriate functions of AU Wrapper are never called.

Is there any idea about this issue?

Thanks in advance, 


Do your AU plugins successfully pass AU validation (auvaltool)?

Do they work in Logic/GarageBand?

Yes, it passes AU validation and it has been tested several times especially in Logic without any problem..

What AudioUnit Utility SDK Library are you using?

(1.1? 1.0.3?)

I am using 1.0.4 version. I also tried to use version 1.1 but the problem still remains..

Is this still in issue in presonus studio 3? I've just tried this on my mac and it seems to be woring with the demo plug-in.