processBlock function never gets called in Adobe Audition

I am writing a simple MP3 player which decodes and plays a local mp3 file on my system. I am testing it in different DAWs. At first I had some problems in Logic Pro which got resolved by setting “Plugin Au Main Type” to kAudioUnitType_Generator and “Plugin Channel Configuration” to {0,2}.
Now the plugin (VST, and AU) works fine in Ableton, Cubase, Logic, Protools. But in Adobe Audition it produces no sound. When debugging I noticed that processBlock function never gets called. Any ideas how to fix this?

BTW I am on macOS Yosemite and using Adobe Audition CC 2017.

Maybe Audition does not support plugins that would act as “generators” that have no inputs? Did you try having dummy inputs?

thanks for the quick reply.
I am not sure what you mean by dummy input, but if you mean setting channel configuration to {1,2} I have already did that.
I also removed kAudioUnitType_Generator and it did not help. Also setting JucePlugin_VSTCategory to both “kPlugCategSynth” and “kPlugCategEffect” did not make any change.

I just tested the AU version of the JUCE audio demo plugin in Adobe Audition 10.0.2 and it works fine.

Does it generate sound in Adobe Audition? I just built the audio demo plugin, it plays fine in Ableton, but in Audition it just loads and it produces no audio. I have already checked Audiotion’s audio configuration it all looks ok.

Maybe I’m adding it in a different way. This is how I tested it:

Sorry I wasn’t able to record the audio output without creating a feedback loop. But trust me, it does work.

Thanks for the video, it was really helpful. I did not do the first part(The Input monitoring), and now doing this it all works fine. Thanks very much for your help.