Generator plugins are silent in Logic?

I’m trying to make a basic generator plugin but it doesn’t make any sound in Logic (10.3.1) unless there is something on the input (playback on this track).
That looks like what the silenceInProducesSilenceOut deprecated option was supposed to do.
I have the same behavior with JuceDemoPlugin.
Any idea on how to make it work ?

There was a thread about that:

But maybe it’s worth, if there is an update with better news, maybe @fabian?

Actually, maybe setting AU plugin type to augn works for you?
I think you have to put kAudioUnitType_Generator in projucer’s setup

Sorry I don’t see how the JUCE team could fix this. This ball seems to be in Apple’s court.

OK, thanks.

I tried with kAudioUnitType_Generator, it works but transforms my plugin to a virtual instrument in Logic. It’s OK for that project (just a debugging utility) but it wouldn’t be great for a real commercial plugin.