AU plugs on Leopard with XCode 3.0

For whatever stupid reason I’ve upgraded my perfectly working Tiger system (including a perfectly working AU plugin) to Leopard. Now I’ve come across the following problem: compiling and linking works fine (the only minor issue being that uint8 has to be replaced with juce::uint8), but when I load the resulting AU component in Garageband, the GUI is initially completely empty. The controls on the GUI appear one after the other when I sweep with the mouse over the plugin; the background remains blank. Same thing happens also with the Demo plugin. Audio processing works fine.

I don’t expect anybody to have a solution, but then, maybe? Anyway, it’s been written down…

Maybe it’s something about the new version of garageband? Do old plugins that were built on Tiger do the same thing?

It might just be a matter of adding an extra repaint() call somewhere - maybe try sticking one in your plugin’s resized() callback and see if it helps…

Indeed, seems to be a problem with Garageband. Same problem with the old version of my plug, as well as with a free plug (Crayonfilter). Repaint() doesn’t do anything. Hmm, there goes my testing environment :frowning:

Try setting a timer to go off 1-2 seconds after your UI gets created, and repaint it then - it could be that the repaint isn’t having an effect because it’s happening before the window is fully revealed.

You rule! Thanks!

Right… glad that that works, but it’s not exactly perfect. How about trying something where each time the component gets made visible, it starts a timer of say 500ms?

I’ll try it. But ultimately I hope that Apple will do something about it, as it clearly seems to be a Garageband bug…