AU system instability warning on Logic Pro on reopening the plugin editor


The plugin I’m working on crashes on Logic Pro (10.7.9) on closing/reopening the plugin editor with or without playback. All other formats are working fine, also AU works without any crash on other DAWs except for Logic Pro.


I started experiencing it recently after upgrading to Juce 7.0.6, and on some investigation, found out that plugin started crashing after this commit

The plugin has openGL context.
I see some of the posts related to WebBrowserComponent and openGL on the forum, but confused where I should start checking in my project.

Is there anything that has changed in this above commit, which may lead to crash a plugin with openGL?

PS - I’ve tested all previous commits from 7.0.5 and that does not crash. And this is observed only on Apple silicon, Intel/Rosetta does not reproduce.

Any help/suggestions are appreciated!

@reuk @jules @attila

I’d suggest turning SIP off, and attaching the AUHostingService first.