Audio Unit plug-in reports problem to Logic

Hi all!

I’m experiencing a problem in Logic where on about every 100th editor open (my index finger hurts, halp), Logic will randomly display this message:

An Audio Unit plug-in reported a problem which might cause the system 
to become unstable. Please quit and restart Logic Pro Trial.


I’ve tried to attach with several debuggers, but no exceptions or breakpoints are triggered. Therefore, I’m at loss on how to debug this any further.

When I click on “Recover” the GUI won’t open, but it opens fine on the next try. As it doesn’t crash or anything it isn’t a fatal issue, but leaves a bitter taste nonetheless.

The frequency of the issue seems to increase drastically when I use a Debug build over Release.

Does anyone know what’s going on here?

I suppose you are on M1
You need to disable SIP and attach debugger to AUHostingServiceXPC_arrow once logic is started

In you should be able to find crash logs for AUHostingServiceXPC_arrow. Usually you’ll find a good hint in the call stack of the crashed thread.

Ah, so I was listening on the wrong process, classic! I found the crash logs in as well.

Thanks to both of you!

@TheWaveWarden Was it useful for you to look at the crash logs? I’m having the same problem right now with an AU plugin

Hi @rodoortiz, yes the crash log was absolutely useful. I didn’t realize at first that I had to scroll down quite a bit to find the stack frames which are actually relevant. Attaching a debugger will give more information though.

For me the problem ended up being to be that Logic seems to not destroy the editor object when you close it under some circumstances.

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Anyone else have a problem where no relevant crash logs show up in I’m getting this error if I leave Logic open for a few minutes after loading my plugin, but nothing related to Logic or AUHostingService ever shows up in the Console’s Crash Reports or Diagnostics or anything. Is there someplace else I should be looking? Or some way to stop errors from being swallowed into a black hole?

M1 macOS v13.3.1, Logic v10.7.7, JUCE v7.0.5