AU Validation Crash Passing all tests?

@olilarkin @jimc Thank you for this.
Just setting up another Mac now. Will follow these instructions :smiley:

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aim to please :wink:

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Can any AU experts chime in if this part of the auval log is problematic? Specifically, that it shows of the number of parameters, but does not then actually list them?

Most auval logs I’ve seen follow the above line with an entry for each parameter, in the form:

Parameter ID:0
Name: Bypass
Parameter Type: Boolean
Values: Minimum = Off, Default = Off, Maximum = On
Flags: Values Have Strings, Element Meta, Readable, Writable
-parameter PASS

And then at the end of the parameters listing there is an additional line that says:

Testing that parameters retain value across reset and initialization

So I’m wondering if the absence of those details would indicate a problem.

@Aptrn, are you managing these parameters with an APVTS, or doing it with the old school method?

I wanted to follow up on this, after further testing: I don’t think that issue I pointed out is a problem per se.

It seems that the auval results as shown in the Logic Plug-In Manager’s “Audio Unit Validation Result” window does not list an entry for each parameter.

In contrast, if you run auval in the Terminal, it does include an entry for each parameter. I assume they just omit showing this part in the Logic results window for user-friendly brevity.

Has anybody tried this with the Universal Binary 2 version of auvaltool on Big Sur? It doesn’t seem to be working for me anymore!!

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I’m having no luck getting it to work. Granted this is my first time trying to connect to auvaltool.