AU Validation in Logic - Where Am I Going Wrong?

Hi everyone,

My plug-in is crashing the validation in Logic Pro X, and I don’t know why. It is still useable in Logic if I switch on the “use” button, and it works as expected once I do so. Is there a place I can search for a validation report?


Have you tried running auval from the command line outside of Logic. If so does it give any useful information. Also, try scanning the plugin with PluginVal to see if that spots any problems. Does the plugin validation in Logic give any error messages before it crashes? AU validation is a pain in the …

This thread has some useful information : How to debug auval?

edit : actually the last reply linking to another thread is the useful info, how to use auval in XCode debugger

Spot on @asimilon, that thread has been a life saver to me in the past!

Thank you for your help! I have not used auval or auvaltool before. How would you write the command line for them?

It looks like using these tools will help me to find a specific part of my code that is a problem. Is that a fair assessment? I’m just thinking about how to use them.