AU validation question

I'm getting reports from testers that AU validation is failing on Logic Pro. I have been using Reaper to run my AU plugins and they run just fine but I don't own Logic Pro. Since Apple doesn't provide a trial version of Logic Pro, does that mean I need to purchase a full version of Logic Pro in order to replicate this issue or is thee some other way to troubleshoot this?

You can run auval from the terminal.

It's available even if Logic X is not installed.

Awesome. Thanks!

Previously, I was getting a couple of warnings (no errors) and everything supposedly passed, so I'm not sure if my fixes will have any real effect. I was able to remove all the auval warnings, but my plugin still doesn't show up in Garageband. It does show up in Reaper and Au Lab. How can I be sure it will run in Logic before giving it to my beta testers?


Well as GB and Logic share a lot of code now, I suppose it would be a good hint to first make it work in GB to be sure.

Interestingly enough, just I got it to show up in GB although I'm not sure what I did, and I have customers who report that it's still not validating in Logic Pro X. Meanwhile, Apple tech support still hasn't bothered to respond to my tech support ticket. The plot thickens.

Ask the customer the validation log.

Does Logic create a validation log or are you saying I should ask him to run auval?

You can see the log if you run explictely auvalidation in Logic as far as I remember, so the user can maybe copy/paste it.

He can run auval as well.