Audio capture and stream to ethernet with FLAC

Hello World, I’m very newbie in development so i’m just looking for search orientation.
I would like made a VST to capture audio sound , translate in FLAC and transmit on ethernet stream.

I use LABVIEW in the client computer to receive FLAC stream .
HAve an idea for some example to learn about?

First of all, JUCE has no built-in solution for audio streaming over network. So you’d need to build that part yourself or see if there is a ready-to-use C++ library out there that implements this.

Then, from an architecture view, you want to make sure that you run a separate thread that handles all the networking stuff. The audio callback should just push samples into a large enough lock free queue that the networking thread then reads from.

If you are looking for examples, are you looking for general plugin examples or are you already familiar with how to create basic audio plugins and look for examples specific to audio streaming over network?

it’s would be great to found a audio stream over network example but i think it not realist.
thanks for your answer . i will looking for C++ library and for basic audio JUCE example.

i think i’ve got a very huge job ! :wink: