Audio Streams (from the Internet)

Hi everybody,
does someone know if it’s possible to play back web based audio streams with juce?

I’ve tried to open and play back:
and yorkshire radio: or
I was able to play both of them using AIMP² which uses BASS afaik.

I tried it this way:

	URL url("");
	InputStream* stream = url.createInputStream(false); // or true...

	if (stream)
		AudioFormatManager formatManager;

		AudioFormatReader* reader = formatManager.createReaderFor(stream);
		if (reader)
			AudioFormatReaderSource source(reader, true);
			m_transportSource.setSource(&source, 1024, reader->sampleRate);



, but didn’t manage to get a valid reader back from the formatManager.
Any ideas on how this could work? Or is it just not supported by Juce atm?

Many thanks,

none of the format you showed are supported by JUCE, and streaming from the network is not that simple either. FLAC and OGG are the only officialy supported formats