Streaming audio for the web

At various times I’ve tried to write an audio player that could stream from the web.

In the case of wav formats this is pretty simple (just see how much has been downloaded and copy it over to a buffer and play as usual).

For mp3s and other formats through, many of the readers won’t read a partial file (not exactly sure why, but could come up with a few guesses).

Of course, I haven’t tried all the mp3 formatReaders (I use the swirly mp3 reader because the CoreAudio one doesn’t get metadata, and the JUCE native one has some legalities attached to it that make it hard to use in my project).

So, I’m wondering if anyone knows if one of the other two mp3Format readers might behave differently. Surely reading a streaming mp3 is trivial by now?

Same question for OGG and other formats.