Audio Developer for recreating a plugin

I’m looking to recreate a particular plugin for personal use, but simply don’t have the time or tools to do it myself- and so I’m looking for someone with an understanding of this to quote me on their price to do this.

The plugin in question is Izotope Insight 1; Note* the version number. The plugin is deprecated at this point [only 32bit however I have it working on my older 2011 MBP]. Insight 2 still works as guide however there are elements to version 1 which were not carried over, and Izotope being the way they are shoved my requests to the side when noting the removal of some of these core features. :slight_smile:

The goal is to make an updated version native for ARM Macs. Again, this plugin is not for selling purposes, but for my personal use as it’s something I’ve grown to lean on and simply not possible to run on current devices.

Open to anyone with experience making audio analyzers!

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