Creating an EQ plugin, Developers needed


Trying to create an audio plugin for mac that is the equivalent to FL Studio’s Fruity Parametric EQ 2. would be for personal use only


I wrote something quite similar, since it’s for personal use, just grab it:

Note, the download packages are outdated, if you want the analyser part as well, build the source yourself (I’m about updating the packages, but setting up a Jenkins took longer than expected)


i’m looking for the simplicity of the PEQ2 UI, and the colored bars signifying the frequencies,

basically almost a carbon copy maybe with different colors


Have a look here:

You could return an image instead of a graph and modulate the colours from the magnitudes taken from averager… just a thought

But sorry, I didn’t want to hog your thread :wink:


Yesterday, I tried to run it but it didn’t work (using the latest JUCE 5.4.1 build in Visual Studio). To make it compile, I had to change the deprecated createParameter calls (and remove addParameterGroup) for createAndAddParameter instead (I can’t use the new constructor initialization because of the EQ band loop). However, when I run it, it crashes in FrequalizerAudioProcessorEditor::paint, see this stacktrace:

It crashes because inputAnalyser and outputAnalyser in FrequalizerProcessor.cpp have no channels yet. In fact, the channels are only initialized when calling setupAnalyser in FrequalizerAudioProcessor::prepareToPlay. However, it seems like the paint method is called before this happens, and the paint method doesn’t seem to be called multiple times. To fix it, I preset the size of the averager in the constructor of Analyser. This time it launches, but I cannot see any EQ curve (only the handles). Also, when I try to set the input / output in the plugin, it crashes every time (last assert of AudioProcessor::setPlayConfigDetails). How can I make your EQ work? Thanks.


Thanks for the report, that’s much appreciated!
I knew I will have to update for the new AudioParameter API, so now I know, it will be a little bigger task. I hope I find the time in the evening, I’ll let you know here (sorry OP…)


Much appreciated sir! :slight_smile:


I just pushed an update to github, so it uses the new parameter classes. I also added a safety measure for the case if paint is called, before the dsp is setup. However, I couldn’t notice any problems on OSX/Logic…
Can you please check with the new update? And report back in an github issue ideally, so we don’t spam the board here… :wink:


No problem, I will do this as soon as I can (this weekend). Thanks a lot! :slight_smile: