Audio Visualizer for beginners


I’m starting out with C++ and I could really do with some help.Could anyone provide me with some basic C++ code for an audio vizualiser vst plugin? It must be able to be placed on a layer within Ableton, and present a scrolling waveform or spectral view of audio output from that layer, with a graph for levels available also, in a separate GUI window.

Would this be possible? It’s really desparate



you are talking about an oscilloscope specifically. i say that because visualizing audio can be almost anything.

this dude made an awesome plugin that can visualize audio in many different ways and also provides the source code. maybe it’s not beginner-friendly because it’s complex but i’d still check it out to get an idea about things:

edit: another good resource is this little plugin here, which isn’t free, but the demo is really good, almost feels like the full version.
it is a plugin that lets you code plugins in an incredibly simple way. these plugins are not performant so it’s just a tool for testing things, not like juce. but it has an oscilloscope preset where you can see what an oscilloscope essentially does in very few lines of code and you could possibly take that and transfer that to c++

Have a look at my project:

This is a juce module you add to your project, which replaces the AudioProcessorEditor.

You can now place all knobs where you like them, customise them with different styles and colours. And the visualisers like analyser and oscilloscope are already built in. You only need to push the samples into it, so you can define, what signal is actually displayed.

A scrolling waveform (min/max plot) is on my list, I have code lying around, that needs to be adapted. But you can add that yourself, it is all 100% customisable.


Hi Daniel!
I had a look at your plugin, and it’s pretty cool I like the idea. What I’m looking for however is a bare basics plugin that will open a GUI window showing a spectral view of the sound currently being played, much like a graphic EQ. Then there could be displays showing peak or levels. I’m not looking for anything customizable or overly complex, as I’m running on a very tight deadline. I basically have no experience with C++, but time is running out

In this case you might wanna look at @daniel’s frequalizer:

or my eq:

or this looks as bare bones as it can get in a finished plugin:

or this tutorial:

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