Audio Device Manager class


To : The Juce team. . .
IS IT possible to publish an example of use for the AudioDeviceManager class under Tutorials chapter ?

Thanks in advance



That sounds sensible.

Untill then there’s a bit of code to look at in the JuceDemo example and the AudioDeviceSelectorComponent class, which might show you what’s possible.


I have already studied a large amount of code for the AudioDeviceManager, including that in the JuceDemo.

However, for a better understanding, I need something more, like a delicate careful narration of a tutorial.
As you know, a tutorial, contains a mature personal view of the author, a person who knows in depth the issue.



Hm… would I remind again this theme. . .




I’ve just been writing an Audio Device Selector - and I’m not clear on why you need to call setCurrentAudioDeviceType separately to setAudioDeviceSetup, i.e. why they the device type can’t be bundled in the setup, and if its possible to have an input and output device using different device types.