Audio input/output channel name list is not updated when sampling rate is changed

Numbers of Input/Output channels may change depending on device’s sampling rate for some audio devices but it is not correctly updated and I got old list of channel names.

I found this issue with Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 (3rd gen).
Input/Output channels of this audio I/F changes when sampling rate is changed.
If sampling rate is below 96kHz, this becomes 18in/20out audio device but if sampling rate is 176.4kHz/192kHz, this becomes 10in/10out audio device.
I tested the demo runner (Audio Settings page). When I turn Scarlett 18i20 sampling rate from 96kHz to 192kHz, I can still see 18 input channels and 20 output channels in “Active output/input channels” list.
After pressing “Reset device” button, the list is reloaded.

I found this comment in ASIOAudioIODevice class. I think we have to add reloadChannelNames() after getting new numbers of input/output channels.

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