[solved][bug report]: The current sample rate of the ASIO device does not follow changes from the control panel

The current sample rate attribute of the current ASIO device (obtained via audioDeviceManager.getCurrentAudioDevice()->getCurrentSampleRate()) does not follow the changes from the ASIO Control Panel.

This can be reproduced by the DemoRunner on the develop branch.
Just use the AudioSettingsDemo.h, and switch to a ASIO audio device, and open the Control Panel, change its sample rate, you’ll see a update from the device info log, but the “Sample Rate” value does not change.

I’m using Forcusrite Scarlett 6i6 as my ASIO device.
Not sure if this happens on other devices, so it might not necessarily be a JUCE bug, but can you check this out for us?

Thank you!

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Is there anyone for this issue?

have you verified that it is defaulting to device?

I’ve had scenario where the default is not what was expected because I had a couple of software asio drivers installed.

The ASIOAudioIODeviceType::getDefaultDeviceIndex()'s implementation is that, if you have asio4all installed, than this will be your default ASIO device, otherwise, it will choose the first ASIO device in the list as your default device.

I have just tested the Yamaha Steinberg UR44 soundcard, and this issue still exists.
So I seriously think this is a JUCE bug.
So can you fix this problem?
thank you.

Yes, we’ll look into it.

OK, this should be fixed with dc81c29 - thanks for reporting!

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Yes, this solve the problem. Thanks a lot!