Sample Rate configuration problem with asio4all


Hi all,
I’m using Juce for my thesis, so, first of all, i want to thank Jules for the fantastic work he made. Many thanks!
I have to manipulate in some way multichannel files and i use two audio soundcards for handle 12 loudspeakers. In the specific case, i’m using a Motu Traveler MK3 and a IDT High Definition internal soundcard. The soundcards work with asio4all driver, but since i need to do real time convolutions, i can’t go up to 44100 Hz.
In my application, through an AudioDeviceSelectorComponent i give the user the possibility of configuring the audio device (also the asio4all). The problem is this: if the selected device in AudioDeviceSelectorComponent is asio4all and in the asio4all control panel both soundcards are active (as i want), the Motu automatically changes its sample rate to 48 Khz and it is not affected by the sample rate selected in AudioDeviceSelectorComponent.
So I thought Idt soundcard does not support 44100 Hz and consequently Motu changes its sample rate to one that matches with an Idt supported sample rate. Moreover, as in the figure, Idt configuration seems to be 48Khz@24 bits and there is not the possibility to make changes from Idt control panel.
I wanted to check this idea:
with asio4all selected (both soundcards active in asio4all control panel), the method AudioDeviceManager->getCurrentAudioDevice()->getSampleRate() returns 44100 Hz and 48000 Hz. This is a proof that Idt soundcard can manage 44100 Hz…
At the end of this endless explanation the question is: is it possible to force the sample rate of Idt soundcard to 44100 Hz?
Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance,