Audio / midi device request

(this is actually only useful on linux, tho) when i create an application that use alsa_seq as midi device (and in future probably jack as audio device) i can see the in/out port the application is creating, and all are named “Juce midi in” “Juce midi out”. so if i have 4 different juce applications that are opening midi in / out, they all have the same name, making difficult to distiguish which port i have to connect each other… the same thing will apply to jack audio (altough isn’t implemented as AudioIODevice, as i’ve implemented as audio filter streamer).

i mean, would be possible at some point, to have the possibility to set a name for the current audio and midi ports a juce application is creating, instead of having them hardcoded ?

yes, it might be handy to be able to rename devices, I guess. I’ll make a note of it.

gr8. Ta :slight_smile: