"audio plugin host" MIDI Output


Hey all,

I like to use the "audio plugin host" under the "examples" folder (recently moved from "extras") to debug my VST's. It's lightweight, I can configure I/O how I want, doesn't crash as violently as some hosts, etc. My newest VST produces MIDI output that I would like to send to an external MIDI device, but the "audio plugin host" has no filter for MIDI Output despite being configurable from its AudioDeviceSelectorComponent.

I noticed that the AudioProcessorGraph::AudioGraphIOProcessor namespace already has a midiOutputNode class, so I made a simple modification to the "audio plugin host" to add the functionality... but it doesn't work! No crashes or anything, I'm just not getting MIDI output on the channel I have slected.

Any one have any clue why? Or any clue why this obvious functionality is not included in the "audio plugin host" to begin with? I'm using a workaround for now so no rush :D

Code comparison: https://github.com/chrisdonahue/JUCE/compare/julianstorer:master...audio_plugin_host_midi_out



For clarity MIDI Input DOES work :)


I'm also using the Juce plugin host for testing and could do with a MIDI Output. Is this easily fixed?


Well easily is relative I guess, but it's quite doable. Have a look at my post