Audio Plugin release/version/build management

Hi there. How do I go about organizing this, using JUCER to set up a project and XCode to edit and compile ? I understand the differences between these three categories, but how do I apply them in terms of file management, which files to edit, which numbers to put where so they show up correctly in the real world out there etc. ?

I do have a project folder MyAudioPlugin with folders Builds, JuceLibraryCode, Source and the actual MyAudioPlugin.jucer file and I refer to all of these as belonging to Release 1 Version 0 Build 1, aka V1.0.1

How do I get to the next build V1.0.2 if I want to edit the files in the Source folder to correct, say, some unlucky window positions but still retain the previous build if the new variant turns out to be worse? Do I duplicate the entire project folder ?Where do I tell it it’s actually build 2 ?

Similarly, how do I get to the next version? The next release ?

Thank you

The projucer can be run from the command line with certain flags, one will bump the project version number for you.

For versioning, just use git. That way you can revert to a previous release any time you want without having to keep duplicating your source. It also means you can work safely in one branch without threatening the stability of another.

Thanks for you reply. Did you hear that Whoosh sound too or was that just me ?

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