Xcode Version Editor for Jucer created projects

I'm unable to open xcode's (7.0.1) version editor with jucer created projects.  I'd like do proper versioning and avoid copying projects and renaming everything.  Either I'm being very stupid and missing something obvious (most likely) or something isn't working right.  I'd image i'm not the only person who has run into this problem so what are other people approach to versioning juce projects in xcode.  Really any solution is better than copying projects and renaming all instances of project name related classes.

I've no idea what this versioning tool does, but why on earth would you need to rename classes in order to manage versions?

I've only been using XCode for a few weeks, so don't know at all, but I presume you are talking about XCode's built in Source Control?

I just constantly archive my project folder.

Would be interested as well in how people do this.

Have you looked at using Git? Its well worth learning if you havent looked at it yet  

Sorted...Sorry yeah I just had grown used to using xcodes internal git implementation (so easy and nice) for my projects and really needed to out grow that ans git things myself.

As for jules question.  I was renaming classes because with the horrible way I was doing things the created audio units from the copy project wouldn't make noise unless I changed the name of the audioprocessor and matched all references to it with the new name...just sort of a trial and error thing.


**oh and as a side benefit now the xcode version editor works with the git I manually created