How to stop ProJucer update prompt

I usually update the jucer up by syncing with JUCE on github then rebuilding the jucer with xcode. But after I do that I still get the update prompt? How do I stop that? Also when I build from xcode my version number still says 4.2.0(it should say 4.2.1) even though I just pulled from git


This is really annoying! If there isn’t already a hidden toggle available, please add one to the global preferences.

And while you’re at it, I suggest to move the ‘Global Preferences…’ from ‘Tools’ to the ‘Projucer’ menu entry on OS X (the extra apple menu), where every other application has its global preferences and assign the Command-comma keyboard shortcut to it.

If it doesn’t say version 4.2.1 then you’re clearly NOT building the version that you just pulled from github!

nevermind about that it says 4.2.1 on when I save a .jucer file, but it was still saying 4.2.0 when I did “open with” in the Finder, so I though I was on 4.2.0.