Audio Programmer Live Virtual Meetup - 12 May at 1830 UTC

Hi all, I hope you can join us for this month’s Audio Programmer Meetup on 12 May at 1830 UTC! Themes to be discussed include embedded audio, speech synthesis, and live coding.

Join us here:

This months presenters:

Stefano Zambon (CTO at Elk) - “Don’t fear the hardware: turn software plugins into hardware instruments with Elk”

Elk Audio OS is a Linux-based operating system for embedded devices that combines excellent real-time performance (down to 1ms roundtrip latency) with ease of software development.

With Elk, you can turn one or more software plugins into Hardware processing units and manage sensors, displays, and everything else starting with a few lines of code. Directly supported plugins format are VST 2, VST 3 and LV2, plus it is straightforward to generate plugins using frameworks like JUCE or high-level languages such as CSound or FAUST.

This short talk will present a general overview of Elk and practical examples showing how fast you can make a hardware prototype using Elk. The hardware used will be a Raspberry Pi 3&4, using the Elk Pi audio shield and the HiFiBerry hat.

Chris Buchanan (Audio Development Engineer at CereProc) - “Performance Synthesis using CereWave”

In the last two years speech synthesis technology has changed beyond recognition. Being able to create seamless copies of voices is a reality, and the manipulation of voice quality using synthesis techniques can now produce dynamic audio content that is impossible to differentiate from natural spoken output.

Speech synthesis is also speech editing software. It will allow us to create artificial spoken and sung performances better than many human singers, graft expressive techniques
from one singer to another, and using analysis-by-synthesis categorise and evaluate.

In this talk we approach this expanding field in a modern context and give some examples, introduce CereWave and its deep neural net speech waveform generation engine, introduce our vocal puppetry and voice morphing applications, and discuss the future trajectory of this powerful technology from Text-to-Speech to music and audio engineering platforms.

Sam Aaron (Creator of Sonic Pi) -
“Sonic Pi – live code your studio”

Sonic Pi is a free code-based music creation and performance tool that targets both education and professional musicians.

In this demo-heavy talk we’ll briefly cover its history – why it was created, how it evolved and what it can do today. We’ll explore how using code to generate and manipulate musical events can provide you with a new toolkit for your studio that can easily slot into your existing workflow. We’ll also see how live coding can enable new kinds of live improvisational performance bringing many of the raw elements of the punk movement to modern electronic production.

See our livestream from last month here: