Audio Signal Graph



A Newbie question. I want to plot the time, frequency and spectrogram of an  audio signal from the sound card in a graph with axis labels and values along with the grid within the graph. I also need to plot the signals in normal and logarithmic scales.


I tried to use the Audiothumbnail. But it doesnt contain the grid, axis and also the logarithmic scales(Might be I am wrong. Please correct me if it is possible).

So I am planning to implement my own graph or look for other possibilities. So, could anyone please let me know where to start?? .Also is there any demo/examples for my application(I looked at demo. None of the graphs have axis and grid.)??


Thanks in Advance for your reply.


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Audiothumbnail is for making waveform images of audio files. You need to add anything extra needed in the final image yourself. Not sure if it is even the correct thing to use if it is a realtime input you have.

I don't recall Juce having a ready made solution for this. You will probably need to subclass Component and implement the needed drawing yourself.

Yes, we don't have anything that specialised. But have you seen the FFT example? It plots a realtime FFT, so should point you in the right direction.

Thank you Jules and Xenakios. I had a look at FFT example. Yes that will help me a lot.


Is there any clue relating how can I do the axis markings(Time axis and Amplituede axis)?? I couldnt find the axis related info any of the examples.