Audio sound skips on playback for every 30 secs


hi, jules
How is it going?
I implement the recorder and playback by using juce lib. when I do playback while recording, for about every 30 secs, I heard the skipped sound. I tested many times, and got this .
So I think it may be caused by the audioSampleBuffer , which may be excess the buffer size or some samples may be thrown at some place.
my audio sampling rate is 44100, and the total samples is 44100 * 30 = 1323000 samples.
I played the wav audio.
This issue is significant on Mac(4 GB ram). It is not obvious on windows.
any clues about this?



Hi, jules

Need more info? Any comments?



Sounds more likely that you’re glitching in some part of your playback code, or that the buffer hasn’t been correctly loaded from the file. Having a buffer of about 4MB like that is chicken-feed in a decent machine, so very unlikely to be the problem.


Thanks. I will check the playback code.