Audio Units in FCP X


We recently discovered that Audio Unit plug-ins that use juce code from 2.0.36 are causing problems with Final Cut Pro X. Specifically, FCP X is unable to progress past a ‘restoring the window layout’ splash screen if there is a juce AU plug-in for it to load. This behaviour is reproducible in a the juce demo plugin from 2.0.36.

Rather than attempt to integrate the latest stable code-base, does anyone know if this is a known issue which has been addressed already - and if so, which check-in would we need to get?

[Edit - I can confirm through testing that the latest stable release does not have this problem, so it’s just a case of whether anyone can advise me over what the fix was?]



I’ve crossed this too though I’m not sure this is Juce related.
(or Maybe not the same issue than you after all).
Because what happen to me seems a bug when displaying the Effect window in final cut 10.0.8.
If I display the itunes window it fine, but the bug comes when displaying effect windows (where the AU lies).

Until I trash the final cut prefs : /Users/username/Library/Preferences/


Thanks for your input!

In case it comes up again, the fix for our particular problem was in commit dfae2c8 from May 17 2013. It seems that FCP X will fall over completely if it loads a AU plug-in whose plist has a name value that is not in the correct ‘mycompany: myproduct’ format.

However, it seems that the problem of FCP X failing to restore its windows properly is fairly common and has a number of possible causes/solutions, so its worth a google if you find this isn’t the fix for you