Audio Units - MIDI support!

Hi Jules and all,

Some seriously interesting developments afoot in Leopard. :slight_smile:

The one that really interests me is this one… :slight_smile:

Now that is pretty serious news. :slight_smile:

Jules, I hope you can give me good news and give some idea about when you plan on adding support for this to your Audio Unit wrapper implementation…?



Well that’s news to me - but I’ll certainly add it soon. Probably quite easy to do…

You are officially the man. :slight_smile:

I wonder if it’ll end-up in 10.4 as well, or just kept for 10.5…

Whatever, we’ll need to update noatikl to include this as soon as support is added to Juce. :slight_smile:

Interestingly, that is enough reason for me to upgrade to 10.5 (though I think I’ll do that on a separate hard drive until I’m sure that 10.5 is as stable as 10.4!)

I’ll keep my eyes posted for updates. :slight_smile:


If it’s just a new property, there’s no reason why it would need any particualr version of the OS. Of course it’ll take a while for all the hosts to catch up and support it.

with some delay (I should read the mac forum section more often) : Yay!
Indeed a worthy reason to upgrade to Leopard. Thanks for looking into to it Jules

If only I could find more information on this somewhere on the Apple website!

Been playing with Logic 8, and it is so frustrating that whereas with e.g. Cubase and Sonar we can generate MIDI events from the noatikl VSTi (written using Juce of course!) and direct output to various soft synths within the sequencer project, there is no way in Logic 8 to:

  • integrate VSTis
  • get MIDI data out of Audio Units (of course! as this is waiting for MIDI output support to be added to Audio Units as reported)

Roll Apple documenting how to do this!

If anybody finds out, do please post the info to this thread!!!

All the best folks,


I share your feelings Pete!

AFAIK it can’t be done in Logic now, unless you send out midi directly from your plug and then capture it via the IAC loopback bus. But that requires specially designed plugs and it’s not a pretty solution, adding extra latency and such.

Didn’t try Logic 8 yet though. But assume it’s not different in this respect


Yep, I can confirm that the behaviour with Logic 8 is the same, I was playing with it last night. Nice product, shame about this missing feature. :slight_smile:

We’ve created our noatikl generative music engine with Juce - more info from - and the noatikl VSTi works brilliantly as a MIDI-emitting plug-in for Cubase and Sonar.

With Logic, our users have to use the standalone version of noatikl (also created with Juce, of course!), sending MIDI data to Logic through IAC ports/MIDI Pipe. This does work well, and has been rock-solid, but Plug-ins would be a neater approach IMO.

I’d love to be able to use a MIDI -emitting plug-in within Logic, and our users would find that tremendous too! Shame that Logic doesn’t support VSTis, that seems like a really rough deal for Logic users IMO… anyways, here’s looking-forward to MIDI-emitting Audio Units in Logic!

All the best folks!


P.S. noatikl and liptikl finally due for release within the next 2 weeks - touch wood!

noatikl looks cool! - will sure check it out when released

btw it is possible to send midi output from an AU plugin back to Logic -did exactly that with my last plug-, but you’ve got to use the IAC bus detour

Yep, that is the only way. But thankfully Apple at least included IAC (albiet - for some reason! - it disabled by default!). For that matter, I never understood why for Windows, you have to download a 3rd party product to do the same thing, i.e. MIDI Yoke!



If you’re a Logic Pro user, and want to submit any feedback to Apple (including, for example, requesting that they support routing of MIDI data from Audio Units within Logic!), the place to submit it appears to be here:



thanks for the tip, Pete!

Not that Apple ever respond to my bug reports, though. :roll: