Trying out the new features in Introjucer, I noticed creating an "Audio Application" creates a template based around a new AudioAppComponent. Cant find much documentation on it, I was trying to work out how to use it to process incoming audio but it seems to based on an AudioSource which expects to be fed by something. I think its probably simpler than I think but I don't get it at the moment ...  I've previously used AudioIODeviceCallback. 

I'll add some more docs to that class, but the whole point is that it's a really easy way to just open an audio device and stream some audio i/o through it as an AudioSource.

Very interesting. I'm looking forward to hearing more about how to use the new class.

FYI, the default project for Audio Application starts up generating feedback on osx. I set the setAudioChannels to (0,2) and that made the headache go away.

Is there any news about this AudioAppComponent class? It's not clear to me how it relates to using StandaloneFilterWindow with an AudioProcessor and Editor and what the best practice today is if one wants to create a plugin that is first developed as a standalone app and will later on be released as a plugin in multiple formats?