Using AudioProcessor only in existing application


I made an application (with openFrameworks) which load and play audio files and I would like to use Juce AudioProcessor (only) on the audio stream.


I created an xCode project where I added Juce source files that I got from an example made with the Introjucer along with my application project. It compiles fine and I can declare an AudioProcessor class. But then it crash everytime I try to use it.

Does what I am trying to do is possible? Or do I have to use a JUCEApplication everytime I want to use it?

Is there an example somewhere of a similar uses for Juce?



You can use most of the library classes without a JUCEApplication, but obviously once you start going off-piste from the way these things were designed to be used, you're on your own!

Ok thank you for your answer. 

I now need to use understand how to use properly the AudioProcessor class in my application then smiley.