AudioDeviceManager::getAvailableDeviceTypes() comes out empty


In my Windows DLL (VS 2015, Win 10), AudioDeviceManager::getAvailableDeviceTypes() delivers nothing, no matter what. Even if I force a re-scan by hacking listNeedsScanning = true, the list still is empty.

The same code in a standalone App delivers available devices as expected. Also, no problems in a dynamic library on macOS.

I’m doing the setCurrentModuleInstanceHandle() thing in DllMain already.

I suspect this may possibly have to do with an improper call of initialiseJuceGUI(), which is called on a secondary thread (the one that also loads the DLL), because I don’t seem to have a chance to push it to the message thread before MessageManager actually exists. Is there a trick to get around this?

What am I missing?


Ouch! If slamming one’s forehead was healthy, I would be immortal by now.

Due to a mistake in a custom include file in AppConfig.h, it didn’t enable the devices for the Windows build. Almost two days lost with mad hacking.

Sorry for the noise. Please admins, delete this thread. Or leave it as a cautionary monument of idiocy. So everyone using the search function will be led here to slam their heads in pursuit of eternal life :wink: