AudioDeviceSelectorComponent, DeviceType Issue

May I suggest a change in the AudioDeviceSelectorComponent?
When switching Device type, (ASIO/Direct Sound/etc) could the comp please NOT load the first driver in the list?
Just set it to “no device selected” or something.
I get plenty of crash reports from users wanting to use their asio device, but then get a crash when selecting ASIO. It then turns out the app is crashing because the first driver is loaded.
The first driver might be a disconnected device that crash, or one of the incompatible devices.
The way it is implemented now the user never gets a chance to select the actual working driver he/she wants.
Makes sense?

Any update on this, or suggestions for a mod?

It’s in our backlog, but everyone’s pretty busy on JUCE 5 stuff. I’m afraid I can’t give you a sensible ETA.

Any news on this, or suggestion on how to not make it open a “random” driver when selecting ASIO ? These crashes are so pain to help the end user track down

it is my humble opinion that it is better to return no device than try to find ASIO4ALL, or open a random driver.

I created this workaround:
Added “return -1;” in juce_win32_ASIO.cpp (1442)

int getDefaultDeviceIndex (bool) const override
 return -1; //dont return any default device, just "no device selected"   
 jassert (hasScanned); // need to call scanForDevices() before doing this
    for (int i = deviceNames.size(); --i >= 0;)
        if (deviceNames[i].containsIgnoreCase ("asio4all"))
            return i; // asio4all is a safe choice for a default..

    if (deviceNames.size() > 1 && deviceNames[0].containsIgnoreCase ("digidesign"))
        return 1; // (the digi m-box driver crashes the app when you run
                  // it in the debugger, which can be a bit annoying)

    return 0;

Also added a check here:

void AudioDeviceManager::insertDefaultDeviceNames (AudioDeviceSetup& setup) const

As this, as far as I can tell, assumes a valid device index.
So I just surrounded it in:

  if (type->getDefaultDeviceIndex(false) >= 0)