AudioDeviceSelectorComponent, DeviceType Issue


May I suggest a change in the AudioDeviceSelectorComponent?
When switching Device type, (ASIO/Direct Sound/etc) could the comp please NOT load the first driver in the list?
Just set it to “no device selected” or something.
I get plenty of crash reports from users wanting to use their asio device, but then get a crash when selecting ASIO. It then turns out the app is crashing because the first driver is loaded.
The first driver might be a disconnected device that crash, or one of the incompatible devices.
The way it is implemented now the user never gets a chance to select the actual working driver he/she wants.
Makes sense?


Any update on this, or suggestions for a mod?


It’s in our backlog, but everyone’s pretty busy on JUCE 5 stuff. I’m afraid I can’t give you a sensible ETA.