AudioDeviceSelectorComponent feature requests

  1. Would it be possible to make the ComboBox of AudioDeviceSelectorComponent update itself when the user inserts an USB soundcard (at least on Mac?), so the user doesn’t need to start the app again? When I insert my USB soundcard, Ableton Live recognizes it and immediately puts it into the Combo Box that lists the Audio cards.

  2. Would it also be possible to not only tell that the AudioDeviceSelectorComponent has changed (as now, via ChangeListener), but be more accurate, i.e. tell that the audio driver has changed, the midi input has changed, the midi output has changed, the latency has changed, …? My app, for instance, should delete all its output and input settings as soon as the audio driver changes, but not when the latency changes or anything else changes. At the moment it is not possible (at least not in a simple way?) to make a distinction.

  3. Third and last request: Would it be possible to specify to the AudioDeviceSelectorComponent what kind of Audio Drivers are listed (ASIO, CoreAudio, …), so it does for example not list DirectSound drivers?


Those are all certainly good ideas that I’d find useful for my stuff too - will do them when I can!