AudioDeviceSelectorComponent not showing

Can’t for the life of me work this out… I have tried adding an AudioDeviceSelectorComponent to an audio application with a scoped pointer

ScopedPointer audioSetupComp;

Then I add this to a MainComponent (not the final location obviously but for test purpose) of the app
audioSetupComp = new AudioDeviceSelectorComponent(audioEngine->audioDeviceManager
,0, 256, 0, 256, true, true, true, false);

But no show. so I tried these.

Still nothing.
This happens write off the bat with new audio app an Mac. Is there anything I need to inherit or override to get this to show.

Other than that Im doing far more complex stuff with Juce with ease. So I am probably just being silly by asking.

Have you given it a size + position?

Well haven’t I got the biggest red face right now. Cheers for being super speedy with response!